April 9, 2006

Comments Guidelines

This is a weblog by and for women and our allies from a feminist perspective: we are folks working to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. I don’t expect participants to be a scholar in feminism, but I do expect a familiarity with what feminisms are and can be. This post is a fine starting point–feminists defining feminism–or you can read the Wikipedia article. You don’t have to be a feminist to participate in discussions, but this is a safe space for women and other marginalized folks, and we will be respected.

If you comment here, DO:

  • Read the post and discussion before commenting. If another blog or website is referenced, read the relevant material as well.
  • Be respectful. Be polite.
  • Come with the intention of learning, sharing, growth, and building solidarity.

    If you comment here:

  • Do not flame or troll.
  • Do not invalidate others or attempt to silence others. This includes telling others that their interests aren’t worthwhile, telling others what they were “really” trying to say, or suggesting that they should be focusing on issue x instead of y, and dictating what is worthy of discussion. I’ll delete your post if you call something “retarded” or say someone is “bitching.”
  • Do not bring in unrelated issues that are off topic.
  • If you’re part of the majority, do not hijack the discussion discussion to turn it around to be about you. This is a specialty site for a specific group of people who don’t feel represented by mainstream. Discussing the portrayal of masculinities in video games is a very valid point of discussion, but it will not be used as a tool to negate the concerns of me or my readers.

    This is my blog and I ultimately will decide what I will allow in this safe space. If you’re unwilling to abide by these guidelines, I suggest you start your own blog.

  • Further reading at 12 Helpful Suggestions for Men Regarding Conduct in Feminist Spaces.


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