February 5, 2006

CFP: Videogames and the Alien/Other

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Via Academic Gamers, there is a call for papers for Second Annual University of Florida Game Studies Conference. The topic is Videogames and the Alien / Other. Suggested themes and topics:

Presenters should focus their submissions on one of several key themes:

* Player-Characters and the function of the outsider

* Gaming cultures and subcultures

* Portraying gender, race, religion and the avatar

* Monstrosity, bodies and avatars

* Otherness and online societies (e.g. MMORPG’s)

* Xenophobia and alterity in representations of ‘enemies.’

* Designing the Alien/Other through AI and NPCs

* Video game villains and anti-heroes

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

* The Other and the industry — the role of independent game developers.

* Localization and the alleged erasure of cultural difference through video games.

* Marketing and approaching new demographics.

* Becoming the Other in online role-playing communities.

* Colonialism and Orientalism within historical simulations.

* The representation (or lack) of religious pluralism in video games.

* Representations of race, gender, and/or sexual preference in games.

* The Evolution of the Alien/Other in games.

* Becoming Other — choosing a moral path inKOTOR or Black and White.

* Subversive game play.

* Psychoanalysis, video games and the other/Other.

* Becoming Alien/Other in online games.

* Alien/Other and the differences inherent in console or interface configurations.

* Close studies of specific Alien/Others and tropes of Alien/Otherness.

I look forward to seeing what papers are produced, and hope women as the other in video games will be explored.

Abstracts are due March 1, 2006.


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