January 26, 2006

UK Gamers

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Gender & Computing and Shrub.com have beat me to this, but there is a new study out on Gamers in the UK.

The study found that 48% of 6-10 year old gamers are female (although they also found that 100% of children in this age bracket play video games… so are there 2% more male children than female in the UK?). 97% of 11-15 year olds play at least once a week, and 47% of those gamers are female. 81% of 16-24 year olds game at least weekly, 44% of those being female.

Percentages do decline slightly with older gamers, with 44% of 25-35 year old gamers being female, but that is still is not a huge gap. 36-5o year old gamers are 45% female, and 48% of 51-65 year old gamers are women.

From the conclusion:

Female gamers display a stronger attraction to certain genres and are searching for their gaming choices across a wider number of platforms, which may indicate a lack of appealing material on the popular consoles.

Imagine how many more females would game, and be more present in less popular genres, if we were given more choices in games.

Once again, a study disproves “women and girls don’t play video games” myth.



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