January 16, 2006

Same Old in Nightstud

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I apologize for the quiet weekend; I was refraining from blogging as a motivation to write a school paper. I found a link to a game called Nightstud on Sex & Games a few days ago but accordingly refrained from critiquing the game’s webpage (alas, I’ve no desire to actually play it) to use as a reward for finishing my school assignment. And to think, most people probably rewards themselves with dessert or a few hours of gaming.

Right away, the description of the game has me bristled. From the description of the game:

Your objective in the game is to be the top stud, or by other words:

To have sex with as many women as you can

And for that you will have to go frequently to local Bars and Discos to pickup women. In each game mission you will have different goals, like having sex with a number of women, sex with virgins or celebrities, have a certain amount of cash or reputation points in a specific time limit. You will start each game mission with just a couple of dollars in your pocket but many expectations to be the local top stud!

Okay, so the game is for heterosexual men–like most games. But few so blatantly illustrate the unequal power in the current paradigm of heterosexual relationships in a patriarchal, white supremacist society. The game is supposedly about “satisfying women” (they pay the player after he has sex with them), but it is really reinforcing the slut/stud double-standard. Certain “types” of women are sought to be conquered. Virgins and celebrities are more challenging and hold more prestige when they are “won.”

From the game’s list of selling-point features:

  • Different kinds of women: Blondes, Latins, Brunnetes, Orientals and Blacks
  • I’m assuming from the heteronormity and androcentricity of the webpage the “blondes” and “brunnetes” are white while women of color get divided into their own categories, equated with hair color in whites, as people to be collected like they are Pokémon.

    And speaking of catching them all:

  • Medical Clinic where you can make penis enlargement operations, treat STD diseases and restore health
  • STDs are an acknowledged risk of this “studly” lifestyle (in reality, this is hardly the only “type” of person to catch them), but written off as easily treatable by a visit to the doctor. (Not to say that people with STDs can and do enjoy healthy, safe sex lives.)

    I’d like to see a game featuring sex that doesn’t continue to spread misinformation or reduce women to objects to be collected.



    1. have you seen/heard of the video game “Custer’s Revenge”?
      I learned about this in a woman of color class that I took a while back—i found this description on wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Custer’s_Revenge):

      Custer has to overcome various (not very difficult) obstacles to achieve his goal, which is to have sex with a crudely depicted, large-breasted Native American woman who is bound to a post…Like many other video game manufacturers, Mystique went out of business and sold the rights to their games to Playaround. Playaround continued to market Custer’s Revenge as Westward Ho for a time. They made minor modifications to the game, which included making the skin of the “woman” darker than originally, and having her extend her arm and gesture to “Custer” to come over to her. They also made a version of the game called General Retreat. In this game it is the “woman” who has to overcome various obstacles to have sex with “Custer” – who this time is the one tied to the post. Instead of arrows, cannon balls are fired at the woman.

      seems like things haven’t changed much huh? except now, white women are included in the “fun” of sexual objectification…

      Comment by brownfemipower (2 comments) — January 16, 2006 @ 2:27 pm

    2. Whoa! I hadn’t seen that. I sure am glad it was never released, but it is disappointing parallels can be made to contemporary sex games. I’m sure glad I’m included in the fun now for “brunette” fans to feel their fetishes are diverse.

      Comment by Lake Desire (208 comments) — January 16, 2006 @ 2:33 pm

    3. “…while women of color get divided into their own categories, equated with hair color in whites, as people to be collected like they are Pokémon.”

      Pure gold.

      Comment by Rupert (25 comments) — January 16, 2006 @ 4:24 pm

    4. Hi,
      Nice site, I linked to you from Wonderland. I really like it, but, if I might be so bold, you should revise the colour scheme. It seems to work to a degree, but produces eyestrain after extended reading. Perhaps reducing the saturation of the text backround and increasing that of the base. As a whole the palatte does work, just not the saturation.

      feel free to contact me at my email address

      Comment by Stealth43 (1) — January 17, 2006 @ 3:02 am

    5. Thank you, Stealth43. Not too bold at all. I’m a n00b when it comes to web stuff, so I always appreciate suggestions. I’ll play around with it (perhaps in the computer lab, since it looks OK on my laptop) and see what I can improve.

      Comment by Lake Desire (208 comments) — January 17, 2006 @ 9:14 am

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