December 27, 2005

Hot Boy-on-Boy Action

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Astarte of Utopian Hell’s article Hot Girl-on-Girl Action recently made MMOrgy (not work safe) and IGDA and attracted some disgruntled visitors to her blog. Because the lack of options for female gamers is so mind-boggling for some in the target demographic, Astarte flips things around.

[Y]ou get to the only male option in the game. His stats are the same as all the other characters, but his story is much different, and his clothing is much different. It turns out that his parents turned him out of the family farm because he didn’t want to get married at the age of majority like every other male. Thus, he’s been forced to take his finely-honed martial arts skill out adventuring so that he can find a date. His main weapon is a quarterstaff, and his avatar is dressed in a mesh shirt, leather speedos, and he sports a constant hardon.

You’re not too thrilled with the female avatars, and want to play something you can relate to a bit more. Unfortunately, the male avatar only fits the bill in so far as gender. He’ll just have to do. Maybe you’ll be able to find some armor along the way to cover up his protruding nipples and bulging sack. At least he’s muscular, that’s a plus.

Yikes. I almost feel sorry for our token male character.


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  1. Tangentially related, you might be interested in this post of mine from back in August. :-)

    Comment by Shakespeare's Sister (1) — December 28, 2005 @ 11:58 am

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