December 27, 2005

Women Who Play World of Warcraft – Compiled Survey Responses

As a companion to my women gamers survey, I also polled posters on the wow_ladies LJ community in November of 2005. I received 57 responses. Like my previous survey, this is by no means scientific or unbiased.

Read the original survey questions and actual excerpts.

Ages of Respondents

Gender of Respondents

All respondents identified as female except for one respondent who identified as androgynous.

Sexual Orientation

Racial Identity

include one respondent each who identified as Cuban American, Korean, “Other/American”, and declined to answer.


Twenty respondents identified as students. Six were in management, four worked in retail, three worked in the home, were teachers, business analysts, graphic designers, or were unemployed. Two were writers, in web development, computer programmers, or writers. Other respondents included an editor, quality coordinator, producer, librarian, secretary, photo technician, test engineer, tutor, photographer, legal secretary, and provider of customer service.


Four respondents lived in Canada. Two lived in Germany, and one lived in New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The reset of the respondents lived in the United States. Five lived in California, four in Washington State and Illinois, three in Massachusetts and Texas, two in New York, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Alaska. The rest (one respondent each) lived in Indiana, South Carolina, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Arizona, New Hampshire, Michigan, Georgia, Utah, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Idaho.

Server Type

Respondents were asked to list their most played characters. Many had characters on different type servers.

Race Selection

Many respondents had more than one character they considered a “main,” which has been included in the race tallying.

Class Selection

Again, respondents with multiple “main” characters have been included in the tallying.

Gender of Avatars

Four respondents reported regularly playing male characters. The rest reported playing all female characters or did not identify the gender of their avatars.

Levels of Highest Characters

Other Online Games Played Past or Currently

Other online games listed by one or two respondents were Neverwinter Nights, Quake, Second Life, Sims Online, Horizons, Asheron’s Call, Planetside, Gemstone, the Matrix Online, Baulder’s Gate, Anarchy Online, Shattered Galaxy, Earth and Beyond, ROSE, Ragnarok Online, and Lineage.

Harassment Experienced

Twenty-seven respondents said they had never experienced harassment in an online game. It was challenging to lump anecdotes into categories, so I suggest reading the survery excerpts for a better impression of the respondents’ experiences.

Many of the respondents who reported receiving no harassment said, “I haven’t been harassed, but I have…” and gave an example of receiving special treatment or off-hand, gender-related comments. Those were included in the tally-above.

Introduction to the Game

In-Game Company

Feminist Players

Since this was prompted by my Fall 2005 women’s studies class, I asked respondents if they considered themselves feminists.

Definition of Feminism

Like my women gamers survey, I asked respondents if they agreed with the bell hooks definition of feminism. All respondents responded “yes” with the exception of four giving conditional yeses and two responding “yes and no.”



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