November 18, 2009

New Super Mario Bros Wii: Men, men, men, men

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Every year or so Nintendo releases a hot Wii game that gets me so excited I’ll go spend $50 of my measly grad student salary. I would be lining up to get New Super Mario Bros. Wii based on the return of Yoshi-riding alone, but not if all the playable characters are men: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toad. Would it be that hard to make one of the Toads into Toadette? And guess who needs to be rescued again. Come on, it’s not like we’re living in 1988… oh wait, back then, Princess Toadstool was playable. Who ever said the world gets more progressive with time?

It’s so ratifying when I’m not the only one who noticed blatant exclusion of women from getting to do anything cool!. Thanks for the link, Olivia.

I’m going to wait and get this game used.



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  2. It was Super Mario 2 when you could play as Peach right? It really is a retrogression to take her away. It makes absolutely no sense. Think about how incredible the game could be if each character had the special set of abilities like they did in SM2! And it wouldn’t be difficult to include various suits (fire flower, etc.) to be used by every character. Oh Nintendo… you disappoint me…

    By the way, I really like your blog, please keep it up!

    Comment by Orpheus (2 comments) — November 22, 2009 @ 2:30 pm

  3. Why not allow the gamer to have the same breadth of choices like those that are in Mario Kart? They are quite a few female characters in that game – Daisy and Rosaline come to mind….

    Comment by Jeff Rothe (1) — November 13, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

  4. Why not Marianna and Mario and Mario being a team.

    Comment by Randy Post (1) — January 5, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

  5. Given that it’s meant to be nostalgic, “Peach has been kidnapped, go save her!” as a story makes sense to me.

    But seriously, Mario, Luigi, and Generic Guy 1 and 2? Toad and Toadette, Toad and Daisy, Goombario and Goombella… There are plenty of other options in the Mario universe, including females, who have the right abilities and *actually have NAMES* who would have been much better choices.

    Comment by Pat (1) — February 16, 2012 @ 11:09 am

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