December 27, 2007


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I like videogame music. Big surprise, huh? I hear enough of it when I play games, so when I’m walking around with my headphones on or burning a nerdy dance mix, I go for fan remixes of the songs from my favorite games.

I always assume that every gamer knows about videogame remixes, but come to think of it, more gamer friends than not have never heard of OverClocked ReMix when I tell them my favorite genre of music.

No surprise, most of the remixers I know of are guys, but there are women out there remixing game soundtracks. My absolute favorite remixer is a pianist named BogusRed. Check out her mp3s. Like most remixes, they’re free. My personal favorite is “Beyond Midgar.”


December 25, 2007

I am Happy

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I got Metroid Prime 3 for Christmas. I haven’t really played much of the old Metroid games, but I figure it’s about time I get into the series because folks I trust rave about it. And I admit I’m intrigued by Samus and want to join the conversation on her gender with a little bit more authority. I left my Wii in Bellingham (I’m at my parents house, visiting), but I’ll post my thoughts once I have a chance.

Christmas was fun. I was showered in all the material goods I could ever want! I saw I am Legend with my parents and brother, and go figure, I wrote a blog post about it like I always do when I step out into pop culture.


December 24, 2007

White gaming knight

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I’m at my parents’ house for the holidays, and actually have time to go online and catch up on the old blogs I used to read.

Jeff on Feminist Allies writes in What Men Can Do Wednesday: Avoid Being the Hero that the need to be rescued is a gendered act. (And illustrates his post with some lovely pictures of knights and LEGOS.)

We all need to be rescued, from time to time. That’s what friends, lovers and family are for, in part. Our social networks are also, to some degree, our rescuers, our safety nets. There’s no shame in wanting to help people, or needing some help, gender be damned. However, men are trained from boyhood that they not only need to tend to their own needs, but they must rescue those women who need saving.

The “white knight syndrome” is replayed in videogames, where I, the player, embody the white knight in so many of the games I love, Legend of Zelda, the most of last ten years of Final Fantasy games, even Paper Mario. Growing up, living in stories through gaming in a way I couldn’t through reading books or watching films that replayed the same white male heroic trope, no wonder I expected it when I went into videogame communities as a confused and depressed teenager. As I recently wrote about in Cerise, the guys there were more than willing to step up, in a very gendered and possessive way, and be my fucked-up hero. And I wanted it.

And what’s it do to my gender identity, my self esteem, my confidence in my agency, being the hero when I game, and then entering a community of folks who share my hobby and becoming the one that needs to be rescued?


December 21, 2007

No more shit on my blog, I hope

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I finally updated my antispam plugins. I guess I never thought to, and just kept deleting the 40-60 spam comments and trackbacks that got through. Do the machines advertising the FF10 hentai know this is a gamer site, or throw that stuff all over the internets?’

Meanwhile, in real life, I made it through my first quarter of grad school and teaching unscathed. (I’m studying English.) The first quarter is supposed to be the hardest, but I still had time to join my university’s cycling team, keep volunteering at the foodbank, and maintain my extroverted lifestyle. I did, however, completely miss the passing of NG+’s two year anniversary. Oops.

I have no idea what’s going on in the world of gaming or game blogs. But at least I have been playing the darn things! (In the past I’ve been too busy writing about them.) As I’ve mentioned before, I’m playing Resident Evil 4 again with my copilot Meghann, this time on the Wii. We’re almost done and get to play the Assignment Ada mission soon. (We played RE4 on GameCube the first time, which left it out for some reason.)

I also borrowed Super Mario Galaxy from one of my classmates. I’m going to write a review for Cerise, but a preview: it’s an even more innovative stoner game that Katamari, but hella boring to play alone. My roommates and I have been working together on the same save file. Great bonding, and the second player even gets some action with the Wii remote.