December 17, 2009

Where I’m writing

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This blog is getting a bit decrepit. I started writing on a feminist gamer group blog called Border House. I’ll probably post most of my videogame related writing there in the near future because I’m into doing a group project. As always, my general science fiction related writing goes on Feminist SF – The Blog!

I’ll still post here now and again, especially things that don’t belong on either group site.


June 5, 2007

Cerise Magazine: The Making of a Gamer

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The June issue of Cerise Magazine, The Making of a Gamer, was released today. Articles included a WisCon (Women in Science Fiction Convention) report, gamer stories, and reviews. My own contribution is an interview with Heather Michelle Rousse, lead artist at Yatec Games.

The submission deadline for the July issue is on June 20.


February 7, 2007

Listen to Lake Desire on the Radio

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Remember when I was on the college radio station a few weeks back talking about MMORPGs and gender in virtual spaces? The show was nationally syndicated! You can listen here. I’m towards the beginning of the program–don’t forget now, Ariel Wetzel is my real name! My bud Alex is also on the show talking about internet privacy–she is awesome!


January 18, 2007

Lake Desire Elsewhere: Wii Review

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My Wii review was published in this week’s issue of AS Review, the weekly paper I work for. Does this make me a game journalist?

Console gaming has gone beyond pushing buttons with your fingers for decades. Remember Duckhunt and Nintendo Track and Field? Some accessories have been more successful than others. Virtual Boy and SNES Super Scope are remembered with nostalgia for their lack of popularity. On the other hand, new titles are released regularly for Dance Dance Revolution, which you can play at home with dance pads, since the late 90s, and I hear that Guitar Hero is pretty hot these days.

But before Wii, games that needed more than pushing buttons were either gimmicks or fun accessories for niche games.

The Wii is unique because as a console it incorporates full bodymotion into play. It’s the system’s entire concept. The Wii normalizes using your body to play video games, and gives game developers a big venue to get creative. Future consoles will only have more immersive features. Wii is really promising for a person like me who can’t wait to really feel like she’s swinging a sword.

One of the things I love about video games is their capacity for indulging me in what I can’t do in real life, and Wii makes my indulgence even more engaging.

The format is kind of weird (hey, we’re low budget college students), but you can read the whole thing here.