March 9, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl is out today. I’m actually planning on buying it new, which I haven’t done with a game since Pokemon Pearl. (That I can think of!) I’ll let you all know how I like it. I’m pretty pumped about all the controller options–looks like another way that Nintendo is making its games more accessible. Over all, I haven’t heard much about brawl, but I’m sure I’ll have something to say about Zero Suit Samus.

I really liked playing Mewtwo on the last Smash Bros. game. There’s something really macho about being a telepathic, god-like Pocket Monster. But I never really had the chance to get good because I used to play in the dorms with some guys who were so hardcore they always p0wned me in five seconds (although a few did try to occasionally teach me how to get better). Plus they’d say, “You just got raped up the ass.” Wow, I’ve changed a lot in the last four or five years! Nowadays, any Smashing that goes on under my watch will be smashing with love.


December 21, 2007

No more shit on my blog, I hope

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I finally updated my antispam plugins. I guess I never thought to, and just kept deleting the 40-60 spam comments and trackbacks that got through. Do the machines advertising the FF10 hentai know this is a gamer site, or throw that stuff all over the internets?’

Meanwhile, in real life, I made it through my first quarter of grad school and teaching unscathed. (I’m studying English.) The first quarter is supposed to be the hardest, but I still had time to join my university’s cycling team, keep volunteering at the foodbank, and maintain my extroverted lifestyle. I did, however, completely miss the passing of NG+’s two year anniversary. Oops.

I have no idea what’s going on in the world of gaming or game blogs. But at least I have been playing the darn things! (In the past I’ve been too busy writing about them.) As I’ve mentioned before, I’m playing Resident Evil 4 again with my copilot Meghann, this time on the Wii. We’re almost done and get to play the Assignment Ada mission soon. (We played RE4 on GameCube the first time, which left it out for some reason.)

I also borrowed Super Mario Galaxy from one of my classmates. I’m going to write a review for Cerise, but a preview: it’s an even more innovative stoner game that Katamari, but hella boring to play alone. My roommates and I have been working together on the same save file. Great bonding, and the second player even gets some action with the Wii remote.


October 30, 2007

Resident Evil 4, Redux

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Remember when New Game Plus was just a new little bloggling? My friend and occasionally guest blogger, Meghann, and I played Resident Evil 4 as if we really could spare to spend 20 hours a week on that game. Well, almost two years later, we’ve both graduated and live in different cities, but we’ve picked up our RE4 (and pizza!) obsession again to play the game again on the Wii. Damn, Resident Evil 4 is still fun. Ashley is still annoying, too, but at least this time we didn’t accidently select her special pop sensation outfit. (No joke!)

I’ve also been playing Super Paper Mario. Not a lot to report there, ‘cept it’s fun enough. I like playing a level here and there, and Peach is actually playable and stands up for herself, but it’s no Thousand Year Door.


June 10, 2007

Characters Done Right: Midna, a feminist hero

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I complain enough about videogames. (I’m finally spelling that word without the space.) I think it’s about time I talk more about those characters who are done right: from heroes I really want to be to little nuggets of delight that jump out of a game I’d never expect to find them in.

midna feminist hero legend of zelda: twilight princess

The first subject of my praise is Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Midna, servant of Zelda and later revealed to be the ruler of the banished Twilight Realm, meets Link when she rescues him after he’s been transformed into a wolf. Midna becomes Link’s guide and friend, and he ends up serving her through much of the game (while he’s also helping other powerful women like Zelda, the Zora queen, Telma the Barkeep, and the goddess).

Midna is an example of how a princess-in-peril can work as a plotline while that princess is the biggest player, the most active agent, of all parties involved. She’s not an invisible force in a tower somewhere, she’s with Link on her entire journey and the player utilizes her own powers as much as she uses Link’s.

Twilight Princess overall has really stepped up characterization from the old Zelda games, so I found Link rather likable in this title, but I easily saw the story through Midna’s eyes. I felt like I was her, on the back of her trusty wolf-Link mount. Midna is feminine but not sexualized, petite and imp-like but still a woman. She’s smart, cheeky, and initially is ambiguously motivated.

Midna is so important that she’s the game’s namesake, the Twilight Princess; the game is about her, and she’s definitely worthy of the spotlight. I predict that Midna is going to become the descendent of Beyond Good and Evil’s protagonist Jade as an iconic feminist videogame hero. When folks as me for game recommendations with strong women, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is going to be the first out of my mouth.


June 4, 2007

I finally beat Twilight Princess

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I finally beat Twilight Princess this weekend. I’ve been playing it since December, but I’m slow like that. I’ve placed my thoughts on the ending at the end of this post (behind the “more” button) so skip that if you don’t want to know how the game ends.

I just started playing the GameCube Paper Mario game. I’ve also got my roommate hooked on it, and we’re both graduating from college in a week and a half. Oops! On that note, I’m finally getting my BA. A week later, I’m starting a language intensive Spanish course (6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks) because I need another language for graduate school. I’m starting a MA program for English lit. this fall at my same university (Western) and also am teaching English 101. Wait ’til the first years find out I’m a videogame blogger. (Probably on the first day, the darling Googlers.)



March 5, 2007

I beat the Lakebed Temple

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It’s almost time for finals, which means instead of working on projects or reflecting on the Undoing Institutional Racism workshop I attended this weekend, I sat down with Twilight Princess. See, I’d heard the Lakebed Temple was super hard. I’d been stuck for a month because I couldn’t see the lever I was supposed to jump and pull down to rotate this big staircase. I called my friend Thomas, who is doing a speed-run through the GameCube version of the game right now (it’s the mirror opposite of the Wii TP!) and I was impressed by how quickly he could help me get unstuck. After that, the temple was a breeze. I got through in less than two hours, and didn’t get stuck on anything. I didn’t even see where I could have gotten stuck! What was all that fuss about?


February 8, 2007

Relax, gentlemen.

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This is Meghann posting. If you need to be refreshed, I posted one other time on here about being a cheerleader (or more formally, a “navigator”) in the horror gaming world. My fear and love of horror games usually leaves me happily on the side lines. With the introduction of the Wii and games like wario ware (which I love on gamecube) and the ever popular Wii Sports, I’ve crawled out of hiding and been participating a lot more.

It seems people I know are acquiring Nintendo Wii’s left and right. Fortunately, this means I don’t have to dig into my pocket to purchase my OWN Wii when I have a large pool of people to mooch off of. Is this morally right? I think so.



February 4, 2007

Water Temple: Redux

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I’m stuck on the water temple, again.

Last time, I was 15 or 16, and it was when I played Ocarina of Time at my lil’ high school boyfriend’s house. Instead of helping me, he probably made fun of me for not being able to figure out what to do on my own.

Now I’m stuck again on the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess. I heard the temple was hard, but I’m embarassingly early in–the first big round room, and I can’t figure out how to pull the handles hanging from the ceiling.

I don’t want to give up on this game! I have this thing where I put off figuring out what to do for six months, and by then I’m even doubly lost because so much time has gone by I forgot what was going on in the game and specifically how I was stuck.

My real-life friends: come over and play through this temple with me! We can print a walkthrough and make popcorn. Plus, I’m not friends with people who make fun of me instead of helping me be successful anymore.


January 29, 2007

Warioware is Fun

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Warioware: Smooth Moves came in the mail on Saturday (thanks Mom!) and I played through the one-player mode yesterday. Basically, I went around Diamond City and completed levels where I played through one really brief minigame after another. Warioware is very clever with different ways to use the Wii Remote, and has me all giddy to see what’s next for the console.

warioware mario

I love the cell-shading graphics. I’m sure a sucker for cute games! My favorite part was the retro-games level, where I blinked through familiar minigame after minigame: Mario, Brain Age, Star Fox, Wind Waker.

My roommate David and I were disappointed in two-player mode. We couldn’t figure out how to set it to play with two remotes so we didn’t have to pass our greasy remote back and forth (we were eating grilled peanut butter and banana chocolate chip sandwiches), nor did we figure out how to incorporate the nunchuck.

I need to play this game more before I write up a proper review. I’m very happy with one-player mode, but I’m waiting to see how my friends do with it because a good group game is what I was really hoping for with the Wii.


As far as the story–I loved the dancing kittens, but come on, script writers, be a little more creative! Show the kids who are playing (and grownups!) that girls are cheerleaders and witches and boys are more than samurai and football players and disco stars.


January 18, 2007

Lake Desire Elsewhere: Wii Review

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My Wii review was published in this week’s issue of AS Review, the weekly paper I work for. Does this make me a game journalist?

Console gaming has gone beyond pushing buttons with your fingers for decades. Remember Duckhunt and Nintendo Track and Field? Some accessories have been more successful than others. Virtual Boy and SNES Super Scope are remembered with nostalgia for their lack of popularity. On the other hand, new titles are released regularly for Dance Dance Revolution, which you can play at home with dance pads, since the late 90s, and I hear that Guitar Hero is pretty hot these days.

But before Wii, games that needed more than pushing buttons were either gimmicks or fun accessories for niche games.

The Wii is unique because as a console it incorporates full bodymotion into play. It’s the system’s entire concept. The Wii normalizes using your body to play video games, and gives game developers a big venue to get creative. Future consoles will only have more immersive features. Wii is really promising for a person like me who can’t wait to really feel like she’s swinging a sword.

One of the things I love about video games is their capacity for indulging me in what I can’t do in real life, and Wii makes my indulgence even more engaging.

The format is kind of weird (hey, we’re low budget college students), but you can read the whole thing here.