October 30, 2007

Resident Evil 4, Redux

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Remember when New Game Plus was just a new little bloggling? My friend and occasionally guest blogger, Meghann, and I played Resident Evil 4 as if we really could spare to spend 20 hours a week on that game. Well, almost two years later, we’ve both graduated and live in different cities, but we’ve picked up our RE4 (and pizza!) obsession again to play the game again on the Wii. Damn, Resident Evil 4 is still fun. Ashley is still annoying, too, but at least this time we didn’t accidently select her special pop sensation outfit. (No joke!)

I’ve also been playing Super Paper Mario. Not a lot to report there, ‘cept it’s fun enough. I like playing a level here and there, and Peach is actually playable and stands up for herself, but it’s no Thousand Year Door.


April 12, 2006

As Promised, Ashley’s Special Outfit

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I haven’t had much time for blogging lately (yet alone gaming, I haven’t touched a console since Saturday). To make up for it, I’m treating you all to the picture of Ashley’s special outfit Meghann and I promised. We took it with my digital camera because we couldn’t find a picture of it anywhere online.

ashley graham's special outfit/costume from resident evil 4/

Practical for running through mines in Europe to escape mutants, eh? It stays clean no matter how many festering chests Ashley hides in. I think as women, we’re asked to suspend a different type of disbelief while we game. On the bright side, Ashley’s attire makes it easy for us to take the game not quite so seriously. We can be snarky instead of super scared.


March 15, 2006

Resident Evil 4: Come here girl!

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Mutant Bonding

As Meghann mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re playing Resident Evil 4 together on GameCube. We have a sweet partnership going on. Meghann is the coach. She spots things before I do, and pushes me to keep going when I get frustrated or stuck. In turn, she experiences the game from a more comfortable position. I’m a filter between the stress induced by of hordes of mutant peasants.