September 18, 2008

Welcome Back!

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I finally fixed my blog! I somehow broke it in August and then left on a road trip to go to the DNC and RNC protests. Woohoo! But now I’m back and ready to blog again. I may even try to figure out how to do a new layout that isn’t so 2004.


November 5, 2007

New Cerise Issue

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The November issue of Cerise is out today! It’s sex themed, and I’m not especially into talking about sex, yet I find myself just as engaged with this issue of the magazine as any other. Go figure. I even had time to write an article for this issue (grad school is calming down a bit), a gamer story called Who’s entitled to me? It’s more of a narrative than analytical. I really needed to write it, but it was stuff that was hard to put out there for the world to read.


August 16, 2007

Submit to the September Issue of Cerise Magazine

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The submission deadline for the September issue of Cerise Magazine is August 20, 2007. I know I always say it, but Cerise is a great opportunity to get your writing out there to the gaming world with something as simple as a review or gamer story, and we can work with you on your writing if you need it. And this issue’s theme:

Theme: Blue is for Boys, Pink is for Girls

When you bring up the word “gamer” the image is almost always a man. Women, though they make up the majority of gamers in areas such as online games and show a serious force in games like Vampire: The Masquerade, are still seen as “casual”, “not serious”, only interested in “girly games”. Men are the console gamers, the Warhammer players, the “serious”, the “hardcore”.

This issue is devoted to exploring and deconstructing the dichotomy inherent in the idea that “blue is for boys and pink is for girls”: casual vs. hardcore, masculine vs. feminine, online games vs. console, real gamers vs. fake ones… How do these things translate to gamer culture? The industry? What does it say about women’s place in the gaming world?

There you go!


August 7, 2007

Cerise August 2007

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The August 2007 issue of Cerise Magazine is out. I think that the whole issue reeks of awesomeness. Check it out, yeah? And don’t forget to submit for the September issue by August 20.

I would have posted this sooner, but I was camping over the weekend at Lake Wenatchee with my mom and her sister. I remembered after I got there that I brought my laptop last year because a local sundries shop has wireless, but I still can’t get it in my head that I’ll find free wifi in rustic Eastern Washington.


July 17, 2007

Feminist SF Carnival & My Current Gaming

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For your reading pleasure: 15th Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy, by carnival organizer Ragnell, hosted at Feminist SF – The Blog! This issue is making me really want to get my butt over to WisCon next year.

And! Don’t forget the Cerise call for submissions. Three more days to get into the August issue.

In other news, I’m bidding my beloved Gombella and Yoshi kid goodbye. I beat Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door this weekend. I really enjoyed it, but I’m going to go ahead and sell my copy because I don’t think it’s a game I’ll play again. Then again, six or seven years ago I deleted my Chrono Cross save file because I thought I’d never want to play that game again, and I tried to start it up again this weekend. Too bad my PSX memory card is at my parents’ house in my old modded Playstation.


July 15, 2007

Yay Internet Reminders

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The first People of Color Science Fiction Carnival is out on willow_dot_com’s LiveJournal.

Also, the submission deadline for the next issue of Cerise is only five days away. The theme is the social gamer and the communities that form around gaming.


June 19, 2007

We’re growing in numbers

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Check this out: a new feminist gamer group blog called Girl in the Machine. From their mission statement:

We are gamers, students, artists.

We are two girls and a gay guy.

We can remember the Days of the Arcade, tell you the original game on which Super Mario Bros. 2 was based (Doki Doki Panic!), and forcibly borrow all of your fingers and toes and those of your immediate family and your dog to help us count our respective game collections.

We are feminists.

Welcome to Girl in the Machine.

I’m so happy there are most folks blogging on gender and gaming. I remember back in the day when the only sites I knew about (that weren’t afraid of the f-word) were and the feminist_gamers LJ community.


June 5, 2007

Cerise Magazine: The Making of a Gamer

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The June issue of Cerise Magazine, The Making of a Gamer, was released today. Articles included a WisCon (Women in Science Fiction Convention) report, gamer stories, and reviews. My own contribution is an interview with Heather Michelle Rousse, lead artist at Yatec Games.

The submission deadline for the July issue is on June 20.


May 1, 2007

Cerise Magazine Released Today

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Happy May Day!

The first issue of Cerise Magazine was released today. The deadline for submissions for the June issue is May 15. Check the submissions page for details.

My own contribution: a review of Final Fantasy III on the DS.


March 27, 2007

IRIS Network on Kotaku, sort of

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The IRIS Network was mentioned by Brian Crecente. He linked Guilded Lily’s post promoting the site, and posted her logo, instead of linking to the IRIS Network directly or posting its logo. GL’s post is great, but she’ll probably be hit by any trolls that don’t make it all the way over to the IRIS Network.

Crecente is giving himself more credit than I’m comfortable with:

But despite the fact that I have a penis and write about gaming, something good came out of that post. In my caveman like attempts at prodding talented, strong-voiced women into writing more vocally about gaming I have stirred the ire of several feminist gaming writers who recently banded together to launch the IRIS Network a group, which will strive to bring women’s perspectives into the mainstream.

Isn’t it interesting he interprets our criticism as us hating him because he’s got male bits? I don’t know any feminists or women-identified people who hate men, although we get pretty darn frustrated when they use their male privilege to be lazy and unaccountable.

Let me say it straight up: tekanji has been working on this project for a year. Yes, Crecente was in part a catalyst for launching the site; she and Revena planned the launch now for the publicity.

The comments on the Kotaku thread are really disappointing. Feminism isn’t about separation, and isn’t just for women. It is about ending all oppression of all people. Saying that “If you want to be treated equal then act equal and stop segregating yourselves” ignores the entire history of institutionalized oppression that still exists today and blames individuals who are systematically disadvantaged. The gaming community exists in that world.

Kotaku commentor iwanttobeasleep makes a good point:

In my experience, a lot of gaming circles are pretty good at segregating themselves. There is still a lot of misogyny in the video game industry, and among gamers, especially online. If these women want to talk about what video games mean to them as women, why dispute that? Would you prefer that they come to general gaming forums and argue about whether female protagonists are eye candy or empowering role models? I’m sure they’d rather have their own space and not have to put up with people telling them they’ve already got equality and should just STFU, just like you all would prefer your game reviews didn’t come with the feminist perspective.

PS. Just because someone visits a site like that doesn’t mean they’re going to avoid interact with male gamers altogether. You can be integrated and still interact with a certain subgroup.